Friday, August 28, 2009

Lamination Forms : a post by member John Eugster

John Eugster, of Woodworks by John submitted this latest post.

Quite a few of you were interested in how the back piece of the chair was made so I thought I'd share a few photos with you so you can see the process.

The form is made of 4 pieces of MDF and is then mounted on another piece of MDF. You'll notice that the form itself is held with clamps and there is a board on each side, this is to stop the arched parts of the form (cauls) from sliding when you're applying pressure to the clamps.

They also help hold the pieces while you're putting on the first clamps. Basically, the process is to mix up your Plastic Resorcinol Glue and then use a small roller to apply it to one side of each piece.

Once that's done I wrap a piece of wax paper around the 4 pieces that make up the back and force it into the form. The first caul put on is the center one. What I did was tack some guide strips on the form and the caul to reference where the clamps go. I get it snug, then take a mallet to make all of the pieces even. Then, I work to the outside, one clamp at a time until all 6 of them are in place.

It should look something like this...

I leave the piece in the form for 24 hours or so and there is very little "springback". Hope this clarifies it for you, if you have any questions feel free to email me:

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