Thursday, March 18, 2010

Member Project: Rich Daughtery's Sewing Center


  Okay, you've been warned.  My wife saw these and really liked it, she is into sewing and makes most of her own clothes.  As woodworkers you know how that goes: "Oh, that's really nice.  Do you think you could make that for me?"  And then, the challenge has been given and we're out in the shop which we enjoy anyway but really; Thanks a lot Rich!
  All kidding aside, this is an especially nice project.  I'm sure many of you woodworkers get satisfaction out of not only working in the shop but if we can improve our house with projects like this it's a win, win situation all around.  Jamie saw these and mentioned the weight and moving around all of that MDF.  These must have been heavy and hard to move around but once the sewing machine, serger, and quilting machine are running to speed I'll bet there's no vibration.

This picture shows the sewing room before Rich began work.  The next shows the project in it's infancy.  You can see all of the base cabinets he made to get the results he wanted.
 The next step was to bring the base cabinets into the room (hope he has a one story home!) and attach the top. The top is a double layer of 3/4" MDF with an oak banding.

The last two pictures are of the completed project.  I'm sure you'll agree that this was quite the project and turned our really well.  As I recall, Rich told me his wife showed him a picture of a sewing center in a catalog and that's how he got involved.  I know he's not the only one who's been prompted by the catalog price and usually lack of quality to do one better and in my opinion, he surely did!  He sent me many more pictures than I could fit on the blog, the link to those is:

Push Stick Winner

Here we have the proud winner of the Sin City Woodworkers push stick contest -- Rich Steinhauser    After a spirited discussion on the merits of each push stick entered into the contest his came out on top.  It was great to see the high level of participation in the contest.  It was somewhat difficult to judge because so many of the entries were considered worthy by the members.  Some even decided that Rich's winning entry could do double duty as a drink holder for whoever had to get coffee for everyone in the shop!
  Jamie came up with the idea of choosing the most practical and user friendly over-all and then awarding another prize for the most artistically designed push stick.  This led to another round of discussion.  One was designed to look like a lightning and was made by an electrician (beautiful piece too), Dennis incorporated his carving skills and had the worlds only duck headed push stick!  After much deliberation, Larry Mooney walked away with top honor in the artistic category but; alas, forgot to pick up his hat reward.   If nobody walked off with it, it's a classic, limited edition, Woodworkers Supply logo hat.  Larry won the artistic award for his push stick which was made of Purple Heart and Ash laminated together in a checker board pattern.  The overall shape reminded us of the shoe from The Old Woman who lived .......  He had a feature we could all use on the bottom, he cut up an old mouse pad and glued it on to help keep a grip on the wood -- nice touch.
  As far as official business, it was decided to keep the dues at $20.00 a year and they will be collected at the July meeting so start putting your change back into the beer can for your dues.  Next meeting I've been talked into doing a demonstration and explanation about gilding and how it can be used to add a special touch to your next project.  Just a reminder, if you'd like me to post pictures of your recent or any project you'd like to share with the group send them to me  HERE and I'll get it on the blog.  Send me a brief explanation and description as well.  I've received pictures from Rich Daugherty which I may get up tonight.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, the question is how are you coming on your push stick design?  Are you re-vamping one you've used for years or have you come up with a totally new, gee whiz, push stick that will guarantee the prize!

Wait a minute, nobody said anything about a prize -- now this gets serious.  Yep, the winning push stick will walk away with one, brand new, unopened pint of Sam Maloof's, Poly/Oil Finish to try on their next project.

Now that I've got your attention, what are you doing just sitting there.  Get yourself into the shop and work on your stick.

See you at the next meeting.