Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remember Al Phillips the Cleaner??

If you've been in Las Vegas for any amount of time you probably remember his ads on television.  Someone would ask him "how do you do it?" and his reply was always; "it's easy when you know your business".  Well, here's a picture of our own Dennis Patchett, when asked how do you carve -- yep he said: "it's easy when you know your business".

He gave us a demonstration on how he does some of his carving and brought in some samples as well.  It's pretty obvious that he really loves what he does with his carving and furniture making and that's always the key.  As easy, as he says it, but there's no denying that he has an artistic talent for the work because it's way past just being technically perfect, it's artistic as well.  I like how he explained the way he obtained his tools, every payday for about a year he'd get one or two more.  From my limited carving experience I've found that there are so many different chisels you could go crazy!  Seems as if the key for Dennis is to basically get them as you need and then plan your carvings around the tools you have.  Last night he showed how to carve/incise letters and explained some of the architectural work he has done.  It just so happened that Richard brought in a book of reproduction furniture that had plans for a shell carving that Dennis had done as well.  Here are some photo's of his work.
Carving the straight section of the letter.
Adding the curve to letter end.
Fan Carving for a Drawer Front

Sample for Cabinet Top
Thirty Hours of Work in Maple    Notice the chain in the lower right corner.

For all of you that we're wondering, including you Dennis.  If you go to Facebook and do a search for Dennis Patchett you can find his page.  I scrolled through it and found the most beautiful work.  Dennis my friend, if a computer resistant 'ole dude such as myself can figure out how to get a website up you can too!  My wife has helped me a lot but I used a fairly easy program.  I won't say it's the easiest or the most enjoyable thing to do but if nothing else you can use it like an on-line portfolio so potential clients can see the type of work you are capable of. 

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