Thursday, November 25, 2010

Class Information from John Eugster

Many of you were interested in using the composition material I demonstrated a couple of months ago.  I mentioned I learned about it from a guy by the name of Eric Tollefson at the West Coast Art and Framing Convention.  This convention is held at  the Las Vegas Convention Center and the class is being offered on Sunday, January 23rd.  It goes from 10am to 4pm.  Here is a link to that page in the seminar offerings.  The number of the class is H610.  As I recall, he does a number of demonstrations to show how to put ornamentation on a pre-finished frame (cheap ones you can get anywhere) and also goes into how to finish the ornamentation to match the frame.  If nothing else, you'll see the variety of composition materials and learn how simple it would be to utilize in your woodwork.  He also shows how to lay composition gold leaf which I demo'd which you can buy locally from Dick Blick or Desert Decor.

Here's the picture of the corner I did for our demo just to refresh your memory!

Composition Corner Example

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