Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost Forgot to Remember :-{

Hope this doesn't come too late for all of you to join us Wednesday for the monthly meeting.  It's also the first official show day for the AWFS at the Convention Center. I hope to go in the afternoon to walk part of the floor and have two classes on Thursday so won't be much time then.  It would be nice if some of you that go on Wednesday would come to the meeting to share highlights and "must sees" with the rest of us.

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 20 at 7:00 PM, and will feature Richard Daugherty, who has been raving about sector sticks ever since reading Jim Tolpin's Sector Stick article that Popular Woodworking published a few issues back. 

Rich says it's the best article he's read in years, and is going to bring a sample and show us how two sticks and one hinge will eliminate math and layout errors in our work. Rich is also in the process of making a 'Joseph Moxon' twin screw vise, and might have something to share about his progress. Rich's affable teaching style makes him one of most popular speakers, and this meeting is sure to be an informative one. 

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