Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Party Part 2: Oscar Meyer vs. SawStop

Hot Dog 1 / SawStop 0

     One of the exciting things at our Christmas Party was a real, live, SawStop demonstration.  Jamie had managed to obtain a blade and a new, replacement cartridge from SawStop so that we could see the machine in action.  SawStop was good enough to also donate a bunch of their hats with the logo prominently displayed on the front -- really nice hats!
     I think that most of us had seen a video of the SawStop in action and it's really an amazing technology.  Being a retired shop teacher I'm only too aware of the joke about a shop teacher trying to order ten beers with a number of his digits gone!  But, check this out, the video below is the one that Jamie took and it should open up easily.  After you watch that one, click on this link:


     Lupe took this with her I-Phone and it even has a slow motion section to it,  I can see why the insurance industry likes this piece of equipment.  I do admit that in my career as a woodshop teacher I've only had one serious accident and that was with a hand held chisel.  I'm sure that as a student, kids are pretty apprehensive  using  tools, the danger comes when we get accustomed to our machines.

               Happy New Year to you All

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