Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pop Quiz before the Meeting

        I know what you may be thinking right about now -- Quiz, Huh you gotta be kiddin' me!!  Well play along with me, read these definitions and make your selection.  C'mon, after 30+ years in a class room it's hard to break some old teacher habits!

Definition of JIG

a : any of several lively springy dances in triple rhythmb : music to which a jig may be danced
: trickgame —used chiefly in the phrase the jig is up
a : any of several fishing devices that are jerked up and down or drawn through the waterb : a device used to maintain mechanically the correct positional relationship between a piece of work and the tool or between parts of work during assemblyc : a device in which crushed ore is concentrated or coal is cleaned by agitating in water

      So, how'd you do?  If you chose 3a as your answer you made the right choice and will fit right in to the meeting tomorrow at WooditIs.  If you selected any of the other answers either you should go to an Irish Bar, a fishing hole, or a rock plant.  A better suggestion would be to come to the meeting and learn about the jigs we'll be talking about there.

     As woodworkers we probably all make a jig or fixture when we need to do repetitive steps in a project where accuracy is important.  A jig or fixture can also be used to make an operation safer and easier.  Some of them may be that "quick & dirty" method used once but others may be something you reach for any time it's needed in your work. Like Jamie said in the announcement we're asking you to bring in a jig or fixture that you've either made or purchased that enhances your woodworking.  As an example, maybe you've drilled holes in the sides of a cabinet for adjustable shelving and painstakingly measured for each one.  Sure it works but it is time consuming and the results are often less than perfect.  You probably bought a jig similar to this one to simplify, streamline, and speed up the procedure.

       The focus of our meeting will be to bring in those jigs, fixtures, and shop aides that you've either made or bought and sharing them with the rest of us.  I'd suggest bringing some paper, pencil, and tape measure to get the details on something you may find useful for your own shop and work.  Of course you can bring in your current project to share if you'd like but we thought it would be beneficial to all by sharing something that makes your woodworking go easier, safer, and quicker.

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