Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Day You've Waited For!

     It's Christmas time in the Wooditis shop located way up in the north of Las Vegas!  Our end of the year get together to celebrate not only Christmas but also 4 years of Sin City Woodworkers has arrived.  Normal time, 7:00 pm and the same wonderful location which is 2267 West Gowan, unit 106.

     If this is your first Christmas get together we will have drawings for fabulous gift certificates plus an array of door prizes.  If you should have something you'd like to donate for that door prize drawing do bring it in -- who knows, that thing you have gathering dust may be just what someone else needs.
     The format for the meeting is different from the others we have during the year.  The shop will be relatively dust free which you know is pretty hard to achieve in a woodshop!  Bring in a project you've made during the year if you'd like to share it with us.  I know some of you have made things that are way too large to bring in but bring photos of your work.  Some of those that come to mind might be a staircase (hint/Ted) or a console table (hint/Dave) and that's only a few this Santa has on his list!  It's a great time to mingle and start up conversations about the project, gives us a chance to pick everyone's brain and learn about techniques that are new to us.  Also gives us a chance to find out what other members woodworking preferences are.

     This is a meeting where you're encouraged to bring even non-woodworking guests!  There should be some goodies out there to munch on and feel free to add to that as well.  There are quite a few members who have been with the Sin City Woodworkers for the entire 4 years and, thanks to Jamie's' efforts we're still going strong!

See you tomorrow at 7:00 pm


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