Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First 2013 Meeting -- Dress Warm!

     Don't want to sound like your mother but it's cold out there so even with Jamie's heaters going full blast and the warmth of our woodworking bodies there's bound to be a chill in the air!  I've been able to get my shop up to the mid-40's this week and NO, don't want to hear from you lucky ones that have the central air/heat going on in your shops.
     Seriously though, this Wednesday the sixteenth marks our first meeting for the new year.  As usual the times are 7-9 (or so) and our featured speaker is Pete Hauser.  He's a fairly new member and he will go through the process he uses to create his uniquely patterned, end grain cutting boards.  I didn't know this but Jamie mentioned that end grain cutting boards keep your knife sharper it doesn't slice across wood fibers in use.  Pete will be bringing examples of boards he has made in the past and also a billet of a board in progress that he'll use to explain his technique.
     As always, we'll have our "show & tell" session so feel free to bring in your latest project, jig, or gizmo to share with the group.

See you tomorrow night

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