Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So, You Wanna be Crowned Eh?

     If that's the case you won't want to miss this Wednesday's meeting!  Dennis will give us the ins and outs of adding crown molding to your work.  Just like the smiling lady in the picture, as it implies -- a crown is something that goes on top of whatever you want to honor.  When you install   crown molding to the top of a cabinet, mantle, or shelf the purpose is to draw the eye the up ago see (pun intended) Its Crowning Glory!
     What makes crown molding tricky to install is the fact that you're working with two angles on the same piece of wood.  Those angles have to meet at the exactly the entire width of the molding and once you cut it too short, there's no saving it!  That's enough of a challenge when using it on a square piece of furniture or a shelf which Dennis will demonstrate tomorrow night.  He'll be using a miter saw and pin nailer for that live demo.  Complications magnify when you're attempting to run the crown molding around the interior of a house, you probably realize that a square, 90 degree corner is a hard thing to find in most houses!  Dennis has probably run more feet of crown molding than he cares to remember and has a bagful of tricks and techniques he will share with us.  I suspect a giant size tube of caulking isn't one of his tricks and am looking forward to seeing how to scribe and fit crown molding so it lives up to its Crowning Glory reputation.
     As usual, we'll have a show and tell session so bring in your latest work if there's something you'd like to share.  Dues (voluntary) are still being collected and are a very reasonable $20.00 for the year.  I don't know if you realize this but last month this blog had 284 views.  Have you noticed on the upper right hand side that there's a listing of member websites?  It's pretty short and I know we have more members than that who have a website that is used to feature their work.  If you're one of those, give me your full name and complete website address and I'll work on adding it to that list.  Please write it down on an index card or sticky note or whatever and give it to me at the meeting tomorrow I'll go from there.  Like I'd tell my students --- please print legibly, my eyes aren't what they used to be!

     Our meeting starts at 7pm at Jamie's studio located at 2267 West Gowan, hope to see you then.

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