Monday, August 19, 2013

August Meeting 7:00 pm at Wooditis


    Well, here we are; ready for an interesting but more than likely HUMID meeting tomorrow?  If you've been out in a typical garage shop lately you're probably worried about all of your sweat rusting your tools!  Take a break from that and come to the meeting at Wooditis, starting at 7pm.  Our featured presenter will be none other than our photographer -- Lupe Nielsen.
     Remember the stool she has been working on, Jamie has pointed it out at a previous meeting or two.  It's based on a design by a Montana woodworker by the name of Scott Morrison who specializes in rocking chairs.  Here is a  LINK to his website so you can get a preview of his work.  In addition to sharing the details and tribulations of her stools construction she will demonstrate a tablesaw technique used to scoop out and form solid wood chair bottoms.  Traditionally these are the result of lots of carving and inshave work.  There was a fairly recent how-to article in Popular Woodworking showing this technique.
     As with most how-to articles they usually need to be modified to suit our particular style of working or the tools we have available to us.  Lupe did that and will give a demonstration at the meeting.  She finishes the chair seat with a Holey Galahad --- what the heck is that you ask?  Well, you're going to have to go to the meeting to find out.  See you tomorrow night, 7pm, 2267 Gowan Road, North Las Vegas.

Legal, schmegal Update!

     Here's an interesting development!  Remember for last years Christmas party I brought in a poster board which showed the correspondence and letters that Woodcraft had sent me?  They wanted me to change my logo because of the interlocking O's which they stated, infringed on their copyright.  They included numerous patents and legal stuff.  According to them, a client of theirs thought that little old me was affiliated with them!  (click on this image to make it larger and easier to read)

Basically, my response was that it was crazy to think that anyone would make a connection between the two of us and I was in no position to change my logo.  Never heard back from them so I figured it was something they have to do in the CYA mode.  Fast forward, they had an email extolling a line of products that they promote as Proudly Made in the USA.  Above is my comment on the facebook page and their response --- pretty amazing I thought.  Here's my logo so you can compare the O's:

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