Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wednesday, November 20th. Meeting

     Hard to imagine but this will be the final so called "Normal Meeting" of our Sin City Woodworkers Group.  Now you're thinking, wait a minute -- what happened to December!  Did John join the rest of the commercial world and push Thanksgiving and Black Friday to gain more sales, heck is his house decorated for Christmas already too?  NO, NO, NO I just want to remind all of you that December is the time for our Christmas Party which usually isn't a "Normal Meeting" and will have our first ever:
This will be the final time to be reminded about it and hopefully your project is well on the way.  I've heard that some of you have more than one in the works and that's a good thing.  Me? I have all my eggs in one basket so if this fails I'll have to hustle to come up with something else.

     Since this will be your last opportunity of the year to bring in something for show and tell take advantage of that.  It's always a treat to see what everyone is up to in their shops.  Save your large projects and shareable ideas for our feature presentations.  I'm sure that Ted and Dennis would be happy to schedule you for next year -- the demonstrations and featured presentations by the group members is what makes the group grow and learn about our woodworking craft.

     Speaking of demonstrations, the presentation this month will be made by Ted.  You've no doubt seen his portfolio of work and have noticed that his moldings match the wood of the project.  Knowing that most moldings are available in Pine, Oak, Cherry, and maybe Walnut you may wonder where he's able to find them!  Well, unless you're buying a couple hundred feet of a specific profile in your choice of wood you're left to making them on your own.  If you're "old school" you may use something like this:

Rockwell 43-120 circa 1960's
     Yep, you guessed it that's my machine and it does what I need it to do without any bells and whistles!  With the advent of powerful, hand held routers that you can mount into sturdy router tables the old school shaper is a thing of the past for the home  or small scale shop.  Ted will be showing us how he sets up and uses his router table to create the one of a kind moldings needed for his work.  
     As always, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm and the location is Jamie's shop; Wooditis.  Here is the address if you need to plug it into your GPS or smart phone:

2267 West Gowan   Ste. 106/107   North Las Vegas   89032

Seating is limited so feel free to bring your own chair if you'd like --- see you tomorrow, John

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