Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And; The Winning Number is ……………….

     As a teacher (now RETIRED!) my reviews from principals, department heads, etc. usually mentioned that my teaching style incorporated lots of student interactions and questioning to get them involved in whatever was being taught.  At times I'd drive my family crazy because this was such a habit with me I continued with it in my daily life so, let me continue to drive folks crazy and ask you all some questions! 

  1. Are there tools in your shop that you rarely or never use?
  2. Are you a lucky person that tends to win random drawings or contests?
  3. Would you like to have presenters at our meetings that have a skill set our members don't have?
     Here's why I'm asking these questions.  At the last meeting a list was passed around asking what types of presentations or demonstrations you would be interested in.  As Ted was looking over the list he realized that some of the things were beyond the scope of our members expertise and would require a paid speaker -- not everyone is willing to share their skills free gratis!  He was quite involved in the San Diego woodworking group and what they did to raise funds was to have a raffle at each meeting. 

      Here's how that would work;  typically many of use will buy a tool that we think we need but as time goes on we find out differently!  So now this tool sits in our shop gathering dust so maybe we'll go through the hassle of listing it on eBay or Craigslist.  Here's an option for you -- bring it to the meetings and Ted will set them aside until later in the meeting.  He will have raffle tickets which will sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 to increase your chances.  Some of you (who'll remain nameless Jim) probably don't need to spring for five bucks but that's an option for you.  This would be a great strategy if someone brought in just the tool you think you'd need.  Another source for  items to be raffled is that Ted will go to businesses and ask them to donate or reduce the cost of a new tool or other item that can be included in the raffle.  This would be purchased with funds from previous ticket sales.  By the way, I'm saying tool but it could be anything related to woodworking.  I can think of purchased items like books, plans, instructional DVD's etc. that we may have bought or received in the past as a present that we don't need but may work great for someone else in the club.

     Let's do an inaugural Raffle at our Christmas meeting!  Look around your house and shop area; is there something you just don't need or use anymore?  Bring it in during the meeting or else to Jamie's shop when you bring in your 2" x 4" x 8' Challenge piece and we'll go from there.  If you decide it's easiest to bring it before the meeting be sure to call Jamie first to make sure she's available and not in the middle of a class.  The school phone number is 702-672-8981.

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