Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Meeting -- Tomorrow Night!

Hey you !!! 

Do you have one of these Big Boys in your shop?

Well, maybe yours is a tad bit smaller and of more modern design but a bandsaw is a valuable woodworking tool.  Depending on its size and your method of work they can be called upon for cutting intricate scroll work, cutting joinery, or resawing huge planks of wood.  However you use it, this tool will only function well if everything is set up and adjusted properly.  The focus of this meeting will be a presentation by Joe Hessling.  Joe will share his expertise with us and show the proper ways to adjust this tool, tension the blade, and everything else you'll need to make your bandsaw, no matter how big or small; function as it should.

The Purpose of our Raffles

Something new for our meetings is to have a raffle at the end.  Let me explain the purpose and reasoning behind this new addition.  We have always had a voluntary dues of $20.00 per year which covers the cost of the MeetUp site, our Christmas party, and gift cards for random drawings and contest winners.  There have been requests to bring in outside speakers to demonstrate or hold workshops but these folks charge money!  Here is where the raffle comes in -- most of us have experienced buying a tool, book, or instructional DVD that we were sure we needed but then once we had it in our hands it really wasn't what we thought it was after all.  Maybe you have some extra parts, knobs, hinges, etc. that are just gathering dust and taking up space you could put to better use.
Ted belonged to a large woodworking group in San Diego that used this concept to generate funds for things members thought would enhance the group.  If you have anything that you would like to donate, bring it in and give it to Ted.  He will also be the one selling the raffle tickets at the beginning of the meeting.  I'm sure there will be an opportunity to buy tickets just prior to the drawing if you notice a "must have" item you want to take a chance on.  In case there aren't enough items brought in for a particular meeting he'll hold on to them and we'll have the raffle at the next meeting.

Dues and Location, & Time

As I mentioned before, we're in the process of collecting your voluntary $20.00 dues.  Besides being able to say that you're a member in good standing, paying the dues means your name is in the hat for the Lee Valley gift certificates at the end of the year party.  Keep in mind too that if you do a demonstration or presentation at any meeting you get an additional "name in the hat" for that drawing too.  See Ted or Dennis for that.

The meeting time is 7:00 pm tomorrow evening.  The location is Jamie's shop at 2267 West Gowan, unit 106.  You know the drill about bringing a chair to sit on and for more info call her at 631-1870.

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