Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Meeting Coming Up ---- Wednesday the 16th.

     This is your reminder to set aside tomorrow night for our April meeting.  As usual the meeting will start at 7am and is at Jamie's studio:  Wood It Is.  The address is 2267 West Gowan, unit 106.  The public is invited but remember there is a limited number of chairs/stools available so if you'd like you should bring your own.

    We're still collecting the voluntary dues of $20.00 which goes towards the end of the year Christmas party food and gift certificates.   Even though Ted is out of town for this meeting, Bill Patten will be running the raffle if you should have anything to donate to the club coffers.  Things like tools, plans, instructional DVD's, extra project parts, etc.  Anything that's collecting dust and taking up space that you feel may be of value to someone else.  That money also goes for gift certificates and any outside speaker we may want to bring in.

    There will also be our customary show and tell which gives us an opportunity to share our latest work.  As always, please try to keep your presentation to 5 minutes or so to allow ample time for the featured presentation.  Talking with Dennis and Ted who are in charge of scheduling our featured presenters I know there is a need for them.  This would be a good time to share what you've done, learned, or figured out with the rest of the group.

Speaking of the featured presentation, this week it will be on:




Pardon the pun but I had to inject some frivolity into this blog some way or another!  This presentation is one I'm going to do.  I'll demonstrate how to lay out and cut half blind dovetails like you typically find on drawer construction.  Through dovetails are somewhat easier to do but  I plan to share my techniques plus some of the tricks I use to make this joint easier to cut.   Chisels, mallet, marking gauges, and dovetail saws will be used for this demo, no power tools.   Thanks to Tom McGrady, who offered to help me bring in my current project;  I'll be able to illustrate different areas dovetails are used in traditional furniture construction. Hope to see all of you there.  Jamie's shop phone number is 702-631-1870 if you need directions to her place.

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