Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Meeting and Field Trip

This month our meeting will be held at Dennis Patchett's shop located behind his house.  Don't go to his showroom/shop where you used to visit him because he's decided to work from home.  It's located in the southwest part of town so you can Google or put this address into your GPS:

6375 Westwind    Las Vegas   89118

 The nearest major cross streets are S. Jones & Sunset.  His home is off of Post Road

Dennis plans to share some of his sharpening techniques and give us hints and information on using various knives and gouges.  I think it'd be fair to say that Dennis is a very accomplished (albeit humble) carver and maker of reproduction antique furniture where he utilizes his carving talents.  I'm sure we'll all walk away with usable information.  Personally, I find that whenever I watch him work I can't wait to go back to my shop and try his techniques.

     Even though the meeting is in a different location this month we'll follow the time proven format with introductions, a short show and tell,  the featured presentation, and wind up with swapping stories of our latest shop adventures.   It's always great to see what our members have been up to since the last meeting so bring in something to share if you're so inclined!

     The meeting starts at 7:00 pm, tomorrow night; Wednesday the 20th.  Not sure of the seating at his shop so it may be wise to bring a chair, as always guests are welcome.  


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