Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Meeting

Hey buddy; Got a Light?

For the younger generation in our group, that was once a very common expression until the PC movement and the anti-smoking campaigns took it out of daily use. Well, our meeting tomorrow night has to do with lights and lighting but not the kind these birds are after!!

Our featured presenter is Aaron Hastings who is an avid DIY'er.  He will share his knowledge about how to add lighting to our cabinets and furniture work.  With the way technology has advanced over the past years, there are options that most of us may not be aware of and he will be updating us on what's available to use now.  Everything from incandescent to LED's.  He plans to bring in various examples so we can see the differences between whites and cool whites as well as LED strips and incandescent rope lighting.  Sounds as if he will cover all of the variables we can use in our work so look forward to a very informative presentation.  Many of these systems require transformers to operate and Aaron will give us a brief overview of basic electricity and how to size the system to meet your requirements.

As always, the meeting will be held at WoodItIs which is located at 2267 West Gowan, Unit 106 in North Las Vegas.  The public is welcome so bring a friend with you.  Seating is limited so also bring your chair or stool if you'd as well.  Any questions you can call Jamie at 702-631-1870.  Meeting starts at 7:00 pm and usually lasts until 9:00.

See you tomorrow -- John

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