Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Meeting --- The Eighteenth

If there's one woodworking item that we all use but is difficult to construct it's the chair.  Now, you can go from a cheap folding one or to a zero gravity NASA designed one but when it comes to ones we make there are chairs ……...
A chair

……….. and then there is the:     


Crafted Chair 

     Join us tomorrow night (3-18-15) as Lupe will be our featured presenter and tell us the process she went through to make this set of chairs.  They were inspired by a two part article in Fine Woodworking Magazine by Michael Fortune.  These were in issues number 240 and 241.

     Lupe likes to introduce herself during the traditional round robin intros as a rookie woodworker but I think there is a bit of modesty in that label!  These chairs began life as 8/4 African Mahogany and she had to resaw and then laminate many, many pieces from that to construct their curved shapes.  How hard is it?, well it just happened that I taught a class at Wood It Is! during the same time she was making them and she was there bright and early every Saturday morning for weeks to accomplish this.  To finish these chairs so that they're suitable for the outdoor environment she's modified and used some different finishing techniques on them.  Be sure to come to the meeting and learn from her how she created this beautiful pair of chairs.

     If you weren't aware of it, this is the beginning of the sixth year that Sin City Woodworkers has been in existence!  Quite an accomplishment and it wouldn't be possible without the support and participation from all of you.  It's a great thing when others share their procedures about how projects were built and working techniques we can all use.  If you're up to the task, volunteer to give a presentation to the group.  

     We will begin to collect the $20.00 yearly dues -- keep in mind that they are optional and go towards costs associated with the MeetUp site and, more importantly; the end of the year party and awards.

     Prior to the featured demonstration by Lupe, we will have or customary, short (5 minutes max) show and tell time so you can share your latest woodworking frustrations and/or successes with the group.  As always, the meeting is open to the public and you know the drill about bringing your own seating if you see fit. 

     The meeting will start at 7:00 pm and the location is:  Wood It Is!  2267 West Gowan #106  North Las Vegas.   

See you there --- John


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