Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 15th. Isn't Just Tax Day ---- Meeting Day Too

We're one bunch of people not scared off by signs such as this:

Matter of fact --- we love those SHARP BLADES!!

     To that end, that's what this month's meeting will focus on.  If there's one subject that has more opinions, and more "best ever" how to articles written about it it's the subject of how to sharpen our blades, especially chisel and plane iron.  Common wisdom tells us to take in all the information we can, experiment with some different techniques, and then; once you find one that works STICK WITH IT!  Sounds good in practice but we're probably all guilty of averting our eyes to those articles and methods even if what we're using works well for us.  Always that carrot dangling in front of us tempting us to think that maybe there's even a better way to get that perfect edge.
    At our upcoming April meeting,  Pete Hauser will be showing a sharpening system that's been around for quite some time referred to as "Scary Sharp".  Instead of using either oil or water stones, this method utilizes sticky back abrasives sheets (3M brand) that you attach to a piece of 1/2" float glass.  The system was written up in the June 2006 Fine Woodworking Magazine and Pete will demonstrate how he uses it to sharpen all of his edged tools.  If you're looking for a way to sharpen your tools this may be just the ticket so be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 15 at 7:00.
     A company called Sharknado sent Jamie a drill press collection device for her evaluation.  It will be hooked up and working so the evaluation can be done by all of us there!  I ran a quickie web search but came up blank so anxious to see what this is all about.

     Regular business will include your 5 minute or less show and tell session.  It's always great to hear and see what our members have been up to during the past month.  I had asked for ideas for our end of the year challenge but only received two  -----  we need suggestions please!

     We'll also be collecting the voluntary yearly dues of $20.00 which we use to operate the club Meetup site but mostly for end of the year drawings, prizes, and raffles.

     As always, bring your seating as you know that chairs can be limited, also feel free to bring a friend or neighbor that may be interested in woodworking as well.  See you there, here's the address in case you need it:  2267 West Gowan Road, Unit 106, in North Las Vegas.  Jamie's phone is 702-631-1870


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