Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Meeting 2015: Wednesday the 17th.

Summer is upon us here in Las Vegas with a vengeance and if you're like me, the garage shops many of us have isn't the best place to be after noon time.  Well, remember that tomorrow night is our monthly meeting at WoodItIs Studio, located at 2267 Gowan Road.  As always visitors are welcome and you'll want to bring your own seating as that is somewhat limited.  With the heat we've had lately a fan might be in order too!

The meeting will start at the usual time of 7:00 pm with round robin introductions, a discussion of any business, and show and tell by our members of their latest projects and accomplishments in their wood work.  We try to limit those to about 5 minutes so the featured presenter has ample time.

We all know Denny as Jamie's assistant abut did you know that he has been working on a beautiful cabinet to house his tool collection?  Many woodworkers have a goal of creating their own traditionally styled cabinet to house their tools; it's the ultimate statement of your woodworking abilities.  The sad truth though is that many, myself included, go about it in a piecemeal fashion.  We build a little cabinet for our router bits, another for the planes, yet another for the tool we found at a garage sale ---- you know how that goes.  The next thing you know you have a bunch of unrelated cabinets lining your shop and are somewhat disorganized.

Denny LaRocca was inspired by a design from Taunton Press by Greg Radley.  I did a quick search for him and although I couldn't find the exact book there were many references to other cabinets built using his design, hopefully Denny will have the book when he does his demonstration.  His cabinet is made of Cherry and Maple and incorporates traditional joinery techniques such as dovetails, finger joints, wedged tenons, plus many customized tool holders to house his collection.

If you're thinking that you too should have a centralized place to store all of your tools you're sure to be inspired by Denny's work.  The picture looks awesome, up close and personal it's sure to be spectacular!

As always the meeting starts at 7:00 pm, call Jamie at the studio @ 702-631-1870 if you have any questions.  See you then -- John

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