Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Meeting Invite

Well, let's start it out with this undeniable fact:

     Yep, if you're a long time desert rat this isn't too big of a deal -- we dress accordingly and drink lots of water.  Why start this announcement this way?  To quote Jamie, two words:  Field Trip! 
The field trip will be at my shop/garage which doesn't have any air conditioning other than opening the doors to capture any available breeze, I'll have a cooler full of chilled water and the temps shouldn't be much of a problem.   It's in the southwest part of town.

     As always the meeting will start at 7:00 pm with  our traditional round robin introductions.  Next up  will be our usual business meeting and show and tell of your latest projects, tools, or tips.  One of the purposes of a field trip is sharing how other shops are set up and utilize the often limited space most of us need to work around.  Hopefully my shop set up will give you some ideas for your own space.  The other part of field trip is sharing my latest project with you and talk about the design process I use.  Jamie gave me one heck of a build up in her announcement so rather than try to write my own I'll just steal what she wrote and copy it here……..

Since we all like to see how other woodworkers have their workspace set up, we invite you to join us for a rare treat - visiting a master in his own creative environment. Last month John showed us how to cut a  mortise and tenon joint using hand tools only and then draw bore it for added strength. There are 20 of those joints on the project he recently completed and will share with the group.  

Besides those 20 draw bored mortise and tenon joints there are another 20 that aren't draw bored; needless to say these were not all cut by hand like he demonstrated at the July meeting!  His goal was to utilize traditional techniques in the building of this piece.  John plans to share his approach to furniture design and some tricks he learned along the way as this very complicated project came to life.

I'm happy to host our August meeting at my shop.  Seating is pretty limited, I do have 4 padded folding chairs and and a couple of unpadded sawhorses so you'll probably want to bring your own seating.

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