Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Meeting Tomorrow Night

Chairs  = 4 legs + a seat + a back + maybe an arm rest or two!

          Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?

Then why are they considered to be one of the most challenging projects a woodworker can take on?

Beth Wheeler may be answering that question at our monthly meeting tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm.

Beth will be our featured presenter and will share many of the things she learned at her recent class in Strasburg, Virginia.  The style of chair she made is based on Brian Boggs well known ladder back style and in this class taught by Jeff Lefkowitz, every aspect of making this style of chair was taught.  Look forward to Beth sharing her experiences that range from the initial selection of wood, shaping with drawknife and spokeshave,  steam bending, seat weaving, and more!

Along with her presentation we will also have our regular business meeting and a time for show and tell where we can share our latest project, tool, or tip with the group.  Remember to try and keep those presentations around 5 minutes to make sure we allow enough time for the featured presenter -- knowing Beth I'll bet she has a lot to tell us about!

As always, the meeting is open to the public so invite someone interested in woodwork to attend with you.  Since seating is somewhat limited it's recommended that you bring your own unless you're among the first and get one of the padded stools in Jamie's shop.  Time is 7:00 pm and we're usually done by 9:00 or so.  The address is 2267 West Gowan #106, North Las Vegas.  Call the studio at 702-631-1870 if you need any directions or have questions.  

See you there --- John

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