Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 is coming to a close ---- Happy New Year Everyone

Well, let's just start this end of the year blog with a series of pictures showing many of the members who came just mingling and enjoying the festivities.  Way to hard to get an accurate count but I tried anyway and we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 folks -- that's a lot!

The highlight of the meeting was to judge our members toys which was done anonymously.  We weren't close to any record of entries this year but the ones submitted were well done examples of woodworking.  First place went to Pete Hauser for this beautiful sled featuring bent laminations of Walnut -- Pete said it's never been on any snow and it would probably be a safe bet to say it never will!  Very nicely done!

In second place was this Lincoln log house made by Jim Chadbourne from plans he found in Wordsmith magazine.  When questioned whether he used a lathe to create the logs he told us there were all made using a roundover bit in a router table.  He showed the details of the joinery by removing part of the roof and we were surprised to see he had a visitor!

Third place went to Lupe Nielsen with this game of lathe turned disks that was keeping everyone at that table entertained and going crazy!!

Below are the other entries for this years contest:
Will's Lego Tie

Ron's Yellow Grader

Beth's Pull Toy Grasshopper

There were a few other business type items brought up.  One of them was about Pete Hauser and his affiliation with the Las Vegas Artists Guild.  Through what sounded like some political wrangling, he was elected president of the group.  All of that paid off though since one of his amazing cutting boards wont best of show and another took 1st. place in the 3D category!  That show is currently on display at the Summerlin Library and will be up until the first week of February.  My wife and I are planning to take it in as a break from the business of the Christmas season.

Aaron brought in his latest creation, this table with a built in fire pit.
 I did notice a couple of our members looking for coat hangers and marshmallows but luck for him, those were no where to be found!
     My news to share, other than taking a 6 months adventure trip to Scottsdale was that the armoire I designed and built that was featured at our August meeting will be shown in gallery section of Fine Woodworking Magazine issue #254 which I think is May/June.

Last; but certainly not least, Mike Shore wanted to extend his thanks to all of you that brought toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.  The Marine Corps has had this program for many years and is a wonderful charity, here's a LINK to our local chapter if you'd like to learn more about it.

For those of you that were lucky enough to have your name drawn for the raffle that may have been the highlight of the evening!  Since my name wasn't among the lucky ones I enjoyed the camaraderie, food, and drink.  Here is a list of winners for this year:
        Merchandise Winners: Lou, Pete, Rick, and Braxton

                       Ca$h Winners:  Ted, Wayson, Tom, Beth, Keen, Randy, Ken, Mike, and Bill

The evening ended with a really cool magic show by one of Lupe's friends Darren Race.  He was assisted by Pam and Julie and definitely wowed the audience with his skills.  

     Let me end this end of the year blog with pictures taken during the party.  Including those of the SawStop Hot Dog Challenge!  That function of the saw is pretty darn amazing.  Several members wanted to test it out with their own fingers and eat the hot dog but that didn't happen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All:                   John

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