Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another great meeting on the books

We had another amazing woodworking meeting last night - Rich Steinhauser shared his techniques for making Maverick model airplanes, and left several models and templates at the woodworking shop for anyone who is interested in playing with his designs.

Later, Dennis Patchett set up his chisels and started working on a linenfold panel carving demonstration.

You know it's an informative meeting when people are taking notes and asking a ton of questions. We all pulled our chairs up close, and were amazed at how simple he makes it look.

Dennis is so laid back and humble, he acts like what he's doing is easy to accomplish.

Here is one of his panels, which is anything but simple!

If my calendar is correct, this was our tenth meeting of the year. Considering this was our very first year of existence, I think things are going well for the group. Enthusiasm is high, and more people are starting to volunteer to share their talents.

Happy holidays, everyone! See you next year!

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