Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scroll Saw discussion by Ray Quintal

This month's meeting featured a scroll saw discussion by Ray Quintal, who has been doing this type of work for about twenty years.

Ray bought a very nice selection of his pieces to share with the group, and discussed basic techniques like pattern making, types of blades, and much more.

Some of the tips he shared with the group were quite helpful - like how he makes patterns for the various shapes he's working with (enlargements from a copier) and how he applies the patterns to the wood (with a glue stick!). His advice about removing the pattern from the wood was excellent - he told us that wetting the paper pattern will soften the glue to the point where it scrapes right off, without any residue. That tip alone is going to save a lot of us woodworkers a lot of time and effort!

Many thanks to Ray for sharing his knowledge and expertise with the group, it was a very enlightening evening!

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