Friday, December 17, 2010

Show and Tell/Christmas Party

Last Wednesday we had our first ever (annual?) combination show and tell and Christmas party at Jamie's shop/school.  She spent a lot of time cleaning her shop and adding table coverings so we had a relatively unusual, sawdust free environment to get together in.  She also used the dues to buy snacks and libations, special thanks to Chris for being the BarKeep!! It was a good time to have conversation and admire each others work.  There are some photographs at the bottom of this blog showing some of the things that people brought in to share.  This gave all of us the opportunity to learn what we do in our own shops.
Rex Doty gave a talk about his non-profit organization that provides toys for kids that otherwise may never have any.  The organization is called Toys4Smiles and he asked us to consider volunteering with them or donating our scrap wood so they can continue to make toys to provide joy for the ones who need it the most.
There was a raffle held for items donated to the club.  Jamie provided most of them and Dennis Patchett graciously donated 2 carved blocks that go at the top of a doors molding.  Vince DeMarco was the lucky winner of that one.  Other members that were lucky enough to have their number drawn was Brian Foster who won all of the toys brought in by Toys4Smiles (see photo below).  Sharon Bond and Paula Zwicky won Craftsman tool bags but may use them as a fashion accessory for that little black cocktail dress!  Larry Yule won a set of DeWalt drill bits and Micheil Smith was the recipient of one of Jerry's gift card holders which is also shown in a picture below.
All in all I think I can speak for all of the members and thank Jamie for organizing this party as well as all of the meetings we've had so far.  It's no easy task to line up activities and speakers that we all can enjoy plus using her school and shop space for it as well ---- Thanks Jamie!  
Last of all, I'd like to encourage any of you to demonstrate some of the techniques you use in your work, this meeting gave us an overview and I'm sure we'd like to see more details.  


Micheil Smiths' Cutlery Box
Lid Inlays

Vinces' Quarter Sawn White Oak tables
Richs' Keyboard Table

Johns' Pistol Case

Jerry's Boxes and Gift Card Holders
Brians'  Japanese Style Toolbox
Rich's  Wheelbarrow
Dennis's Carvings
Larry's' Cutting Boards

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