Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, Jan. 19 Meeting

Last nights meeting was enjoyed by all and I think we all learned something from Vince's presentation.  He brought in his beautiful blanket chest, made in the Stickley style and from original plans.  As you can see by the following photographs it's really a nice, albeit heavy; piece.  One of the things that Vince does in the construction of these pieces, is to cut his own veneers and then make the panels.  This lets him book match the wood to showcase the grain at it's best potential.  Even though we had the 3' rule, we were able to see the fine details he puts into the work.  In this picture, we're studying the lid and interior work.  I think Ed is sizing it up!

Hmm, I think I could almost fit in there!
Here is a mock up of how the legs are constructed.  Vince uses his bandsaw to not only cut the veneers but also a perfect miter to join the legs.  The blade is called the Woodslicer and is available only from Highland, here's a link to their website about the blade.  After hearing Vince sing it's praises and seeing the quality of his work that blade is now on my wish list.  The technique he used to make this perfect miter was to apply glue, rub the pieces together, and then use pinch dogs to hold them while the glue sets.  Luckily, Jamie had some to show those of us who where unfamiliar with them.
Mock-up for Legs
We had a really good question/answer period and Vince answered all of our concerns and questions about how he made the chest.  Here we see the chest being wheeled out, I think Vince is smiling not only because we admired his chest but also because he's not handling the cart!  Hopefully he was able to get his neighbors to help him unload it.
Thank goodness for many hands and strong backs, that's Vince smiling in the background.

Vince had been to my shop where I shared a finishing technique with him.  Since we only applied the first coat he asked me to bring a drawer to the meeting after two more coats were applied.  This brought about a discussion on the joinery and the finish.

The wood is Bloodwood which proved to be a hard, sinewy, SOB to cut half blind dovetails in so after many practice attempts and a broken skew chisel I opted for dowels instead.

Close up of Birdseye Maple Handle

A couple of other things brought up was the lathe turning workshop that will be held this weekend at Woodworkers Emporium.  You can check their website through this link for details.

Jim was going to do the presentation for the next meeting but then remembered a previous commitment so we'll have to wait until March for that. In the meantime, another member volunteered to present for February.  Jamie mentioned who it was but alas -- I had the dreaded senior momennt and forgot who it is!  Would whoever it is please email me at and let me know who you are and what you plan to do so I can put it on the calendar?  Really appreciate that.

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