Monday, January 17, 2011

Meeting Reminder

Hope all of you are ready for the next meeting this Wednesday at 7pm.  Vince DeMarco is going to explain and show off his blanket chest.  You probably remember his work from the Christmas meeting, he does mission style utilizing quarter sawn Oak.  I tried to talk him into bringing his bandsaw so he could demonstrate how he cuts his thick veneers but he wasn't too enthused about that!
In the meantime I'd encourage the rest of you to think about doing a presentation at an upcoming meeting.  The purpose of the club is to meet with and share techniques with each other.  I'm sure that there is a technique, trick, or tool that all of you do that the rest of the club would benefit by knowing about it.  One problem many of us run into is how to store our lumber -- maybe you have a great way to organize your shop that you could share.  Let Jamie know what area of your expertise you'd like to share so she can plan our future meetings.

See you Wednesday, Jan. 19th. @ 7pm

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