Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a Reminder & a Tiny Dovetail!

Hello to all of you.  I'm just sending out this reminder about the possibility of a field trip to the CNC shop.  So far I have very few emails at: to let me know that you would be interested in going.  There is no day set yet but it would be a weekday and after 3 pm. If seeing the CNC machine in action is a possibility for you would you shot me an email so I can try to coordinate it with Ed?  Much appreciated.

So, what's this about a tiny dovetail?  Well, we've been going through the house in an attempt to downsize and simplify things.  Some things we are selling on Ebay and we came across this abacus:

 It's one that Diane's mom brought back from Japan when she was stationed in Guam during WWII.  She was in the Women's Army Corp then. I hadn't noticed the dovetails until I took this photo to put on Ebay.  They don't show in the photo but I can see the scribe marks made during the layout.  Don't know about you but I thought this was pretty cool!

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