Friday, March 18, 2011

Other Club Business & John's Show-and-Tell

In addition to the previous blog showcasing the work of Jim and MaryJane Chadbourne  there were some other things that went on at our meeting.  Rex Doty, who you probably remember from our Christmas meeting, contacted us and offered the use of his shop for our next monthly meeting.  He's the founder of Toys4Smiles and a member of the Sin City Woodworkers as well.  The shop is located near Polaris and as soon as I cement the arrangements with him I'll send out a blog with directions of how to get there.

Another thing that was announced is a possible field trip to Ed's son's shop here in Las Vegas.  This is a woodworking shop that uses CNC machinery.  The majority of us know what that is but few of us have had an up-close look at the how's and why's of that technology.  The time hasn't been set yet but I'd like to know how many of you would be interested.  It would have to be a week day and sometime after 3:00.  Ed said the shop normally closes at that time but his son offered to have one of his employees there to give us a demonstration.  I'll try to coordinate all of this but the first thing I should know is this: How many of you would be interested and be available on a weekday between 3:00 & 5:00? 

 Please send me an email, my email is by the middle of next week so I can give Ed an idea of how many of us could make it.

Another topic that comes up at almost every meeting is the upcoming AWFS show, it's due in July and is a great way to see the latest tools and technology.  If you've never been it's a must see.  Here is a LINK to their website.  As of today, the education schedule isn't out yet but maybe bookmark it and check back on your own.  Seminars deal with the business aspects of woodworking, creating your own portfolio, marketing, etc.  The ones that are probably more interesting are those dealing with our craft.  I've taken advantage of demonstrations/lectures by Garrett Hack (design) and also Frantz (dovetails).  These tend to fill up fast so it's to your advantage to check back often.

Last of all, Jamie took a series of pictures of the stool I brought in to sit on as well as initiate the Show & Tell segment of our meetings.  Please consider bringing in something that you've completed to share with the rest of us.  I don't mean to sound self serving but by answering the questions asked by some of the members I'd like to think that information and ideas were passed on. This is a great way we can share what we know with the rest of the group.  Speaking of sharing, we're always open to demonstrations to enhance our meetings ---- don't be shy!

Overall view, approx. measurements 18" tall x 20" wide x 16" deep.  Honduras Mahogany
Leg detail, chamfers cut with block plane and spokeshave.  Mortise and tenon with Ebony dowel.
Detail of through mortise on stretcher, Ebony dowel
Leg Detail, accomplished with a jig, router, and pattern  bit.

View of woven Seagrass seat

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