Thursday, May 19, 2011

     Last Wednesdays meeting turned out to be one of information and conversation.  Our guest speaker was Linda Stockton from Louis & Company, here's a link to their website .  I guess I showed my ignorance because I always thought that they were just a small, local company -- boy, was I wrong!  Jamie told me that she's been dealing with them locally for over 8 years and when she was back east the company she dealt with for 20 years or so was called Baer Supply but it is one and the same.  According to her, it's a huge company.  It seems that dealing with them will be much quicker than an internet order most of us probably make when we need items that we can't find here in Las Vegas.
     Linda brought many catalogs and samples of a line of abrasives they carry.  Louis & Company is also a distributor of SawStop, a brand anyone in woodworking is familiar with.

Vince talking with Linda (trying to get more freebies)
Looks as if she has their attention

     A topic that came up at the meeting was regarding Meet Up.  Many of you are familiar with it but some of you weren't.  It does seem to be a good way to let newcomers to our area find out about Sin City Woodworkers.  If you're not aware of Meet Up here is their website , it would be worth your while (and a couple of keystrokes) to register and check it out.  Besides this blog, it's another way to be informed of our meetings.  There seems to be hundreds of groups in the area with probably any kind of thing you'd be interested in -- check it out!
     Last of all, just a reminder that dues will be collected at the next meeting.  They're $20.00 for the year.  Also, that meeting will be at Dennis's shop which is on Oquendo.  I'll send out the address and directions as it gets closer.  I know there have been new members that may not be aware of this but if you do a presentation or demonstration at the meeting your dues for that year are waived.

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