Friday, June 10, 2011

Sliding Dovetails -- June 15th.

     Our meeting for the month of June is next Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  DO NOT I repeat -- DO NOT go to Jamie's  shop.  Dennis has offered his shop for the meeting plus he's going to show us how to make sliding dovetails with routers.  This joint is a great one to learn and a router is a quicker way to make it than working the joint by hand.
     The address for his shop is 4141 Oquendo, Suite #3.  You can Google it but here's the directions.  If you're approaching it off of Russell Road it's between Arville and Valley View.  Turn south on Wynn Road, go a short distance and it runs into Oquendo.  Turn west (right) and it's a very short section of road until Oquendo curves to the left.
     If you're approaching from Valley View you'd turn west off of Valley View onto Oquendo. Oquendo is just south of Russel Road and will curve left after a few blocks, that's where his shop is located.  There is plenty of parking on the north side of the street at a warehouse.  The shop is on the south side of Oquendo where turns left.  You'll see two big pine trees and #3 is under the first one.
     If you'd like to have a place to sit be sure to bring a chair.  Dues for the year will be collected at this meeting.  They are $20.00.  Hope to see you there.

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