Monday, August 15, 2011

Surf & Turf: no way -- How about: Chisel & Tooth?

That's What We're Talking About !!
      If you received the Meet-Up announcement from Jamie she mentioned that John (that's me) would be a guest instructor at WoodItIs! and teaching a class next month.  The focus of the class will be making a wall cabinet utilizing dovetail joinery.  The example of the cabinet that will be built in that class can be seen in the showroom at Jamie's so be sure to check it out.  I think there are 2-3 spots still available for the class.  Since I'm the co-writer of this blog let me tell you what I plan to demonstrate at our next meeting which is in two days, Wednesday the 17th.
     The dovetail joint has a certain mystique about it among woodworkers.  Heck, even Fine Woodworking uses it as part of their logo and has since the magazine was first published in the early 70's.  There are other joints that can be used but the mystique continues and many of us get intrigued with making this particular joint.  It's the ideal joint for a drawer front and if you have a desk or entry hall table with a single drawer that project would be a good one to work with this joint.  If I have a bunch of drawers to make for dressers or cabinets I'll be the first to whip out my old Craftsman router and dovetail jig, cut up some Baltic Birch plywood and go to town.  At the meeting I'll show you the techniques and methods I use that usually give me some degree of success.
     If you were at last month's meeting you may recall that the subject of having business cards promoting the club came up again.  Cost, of course, is always an issue but one of our members happens to have a printing business!  His name is Steve Mongrain and Jamie tells me he has them ready.  I believe he'll be bringing them to the meeting so be sure to come to the meeting and be the first to see them:

                             See you Wednesday!


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