Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Choice for Hand Creme!

     This whole thing was started by Jamie's comment a while ago and now Dennis has become our "crash test hand guy" for the product so generously donated after Jamie's post.  Well, I mentioned that I bought the hand creme from Home Depot and am glad they have a no questions asked return policy!  It left a sticky film on my hands -- yeech!
      Years ago my doctor recommended this creme in the photo.  The reason was that it doesn't contain a ton of water like most lotions do.  It's not cheap but I'd recommend getting the larger container with a screw on top.  It's about $15.00 but......this stuff works and is odorless.  It's very thick and you just need a little.  I'm an old fashioned teacher that used chalk (never went to the marker boards) and you combine that with sawdust and our dry climate this Eucerin is the way to go.

     John gives it a rousing 5 stars and two thumbs up and you know that as a woodworker of my age having those two thumbs is a good thing !!

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