Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lupe's Demo/Lecture Tomorrow

     Just reading the description of what Lupe plans to enlighten us with tomorrow night at our monthly meeting has me chomping at the bit -- love historical stuff and now she's going to add a bit of magic to the equation. We should all set the DVR for whatever drivel we may have wanted to watch on the tube and attend this meeting!

     Here; in an appropriate and fitting font for such an occasion, is her teaser:

     "Trials and tribulations of a rookie woodworker: Lupe's attempt to make a table based on an 1895 Strobridge Lithograph magic poster illustration, in a commercially viable manner, while keeping all her ten fingers intact, without driving her teacher crazy and being kicked out of the workshop. This talk is guaranteed to amaze, amuse and provide a good evening's entertainment to an otherwise very boring and dull Wednesday night."

     Hope everyone can make it.  Please remember to bring you $20.00 for the yearly dues, that money is used for our MeetUp site and prizes and refreshments for the end of the year Christmas party.  Should you have something that you'd like to share with the group remember we have a time of Show & Tell.  Members have told me that this is a good ice-breaker and it opens up communication between all of us.

See you then -- John

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