Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coves on a Tablesaw !!!!

What the heck !!  

   Coves on a tablesaw?

'Ya been drinking or something??

Tablesaws cut square & straight,

   Coves are round & radiused -- 

       You are definitely confused.

     Yes, that's right and here's a picture to prove it.  Not to give away my age or anything but here is a sample of what we used to make in high school woodshop back in the day.  These skis weighed a ton but were almost always coved.  The guys who'd done them before claimed that the shape of the cove determined how good the ski rode through the water.  Based on my own experience though it didn't seem to matter much; my coordination couldn't get much of a ride no matter how the cove was cut!

     At our 7:00 pm  meeting tonight, Dennis Patchett will show us how to make some small, ogee cabinet feet that are destined for a cedar chest.  The process starts out with cove cuts made on the tablesaw.  You'll get to see first hand how to determine the size and depth of the cove and also how to locate the fence or fences to do this safely on your own tablesaw.
     This promises to be an interesting demonstration and something we can all use to enhance our own projects.  Feel free to bring in some of your latest work to share with the group but also take some notes on this really interesting process.

See you there

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