Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tool Sharpening

    Good morning all, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a business I've been working with for my saw and other cutters sharpening for quite a while now.  They are located in Salt Lake City so the only downside is that you'll need to mail your blades, shaper cutters, and router bits to them.  The upside is that they do excellent work and if you have a question they will call you up to answer it.  It's been getting harder and harder to find a good source of sharpening here in Las Vegas.  Woodworkers Emporium used to send their blades to them but that's been years ago so not sure what happened.
     In any case, they are called Accurate Carbide and here is a LINK to their website.  Just to give you an idea of costs, I UPS'ed two blades to them for about $12.00.  For a typical carbide combo blade, 10" x 40 teeth they charge $16.40.  I had some concerns about them and Chuck called me personally to answer the questions I had.  Turn around time is about a week but you can plan around that.  What I do is rotate three blades, one is beyond sharpening so when the two good ones get dull I put it on the table saw and use is while the others are out.  I really dulled them for the box series where I used lots of exotic woods!  As I work in my shop I'll set aside any other cutters that need to be sharpened and send it all at one time to save on shipping.
     I learned about them at one of the big woodworking shows.  I use Tenryu blades and the factory reps in that booth recommended them for sharpening their blades.  Check them out, they may be just what you need.

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