Friday, March 29, 2013

Question for Next Meeting

Hello All, Need Your Input

In a few of our meetings the subject of selling our work and using the Etsy website has come up.  I'd appreciate hearing from you as to whether or not you'd like to focus on that for our next meeting.  Check out this LINK to Etsy and see what it's all about.
Another thing Jamie and I would like to know is if you have an Etsy store would you share your experience with the group?

Also, if you've bought anything from Etsy, again share your experiences.

Marketing and selling the things we make for enjoyment is difficult at best.  The way the economy took a dive in 2008 has really stopped many people from "opening their checkbooks" so we need to be creative and active in promoting what we do.

Let us know if this sounds like a good subject for the next meeting.  A round table discussion on marketing and selling work.  To respond, leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks in advance --- John

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