Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Forget Uncle Sam --- SCWW NEEDS YOU !!

We need a Program Director ----


     I'm asking for one or more of you regular members to step up and take on a responsibility for our woodworkers group.  We've enjoyed phenomenal growth over the four years we've been in existence and with growth comes a bit more work.  We all enjoy the camaraderie and the regular things like the show and tell sessions of our latest work
     However; I'm sure you'll agree that one of the important features of our meetings is having a key speaker to demonstrate a process, explain a special project, share a class they attended, or something else that we can all benefit from and enjoy.  The way this has always worked in the past is that usually Jamie would be the one lining that up for all of us to enjoy or else a member would volunteer to be the speaker/presenter for a particular meeting.  If you know how busy Jamie is between running her school and taking on custom work I think you'll understand that this is getting to be an over-whelming part of her 24+ hour day!
     Please think about taking on this responsibility for the club.  Looking back over the presenters we've had, most come from within our group.  Jamie has been able to line up manufacturers and tool reps so if any of you are in the business you may have some contacts in that area.  They're always interesting and besides being able to explain their business or tools they have the opportunity for personal gains as well.  Before you think that maybe I should take it on I'm busy enough with the blog, I tried to talk Lupe into it but she is busy too by being the photographer for our meetings.
     Here's my bottom line and request.  I'd love it if one or more of you would either email me or come forward at our next meeting, which is a week from tomorrow; April 17th. and tell me you're on.  Ideally you would commit to doing this for at least a year so we have consistency.  It could be a committee if or two of you if that works out better.
     The second thing is that I'll be asking for either volunteers to present at a future meeting and also some ideas about what would be interesting to you in terms of a "keynote speaker".  Keep in mind that if you are a presenter you get an additional entry into the end of the year raffle drawing.

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