Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Etsy Meeting -- Learn How to Set Up Your Store

     On more than a couple of occasions the subject of ETSY will come up during one of our meetings.  This is usually followed by lots of comments and questions.  Some members haven't heard of Etsy before, many others have but aren't sure what it's all about, and others just want to know how to go about setting up an Etsy Store of their own.  Could be wrong, but I think is was Johnny Carson who said: "all will be revealed" in some of his skits and that's the goal for tomorrows monthly meeting.
     Diane Eugster will be on hand to share her experience with  Etsy and tell us the steps she's taken to sell the hand crafted dolls featured on her WEBSITE .  I know first hand that she's spent a lot of time doing research, visiting forums, and being involved in activities Etsy offers to get her store successful.  Diane will present that portion of the Etsy experience along with a hand out of on-line resources that you could use too.  She'll explain how to open up an Etsy account and what it means to add listings, the value of good photography, some ways to promote your shop, etc. 
     Jamie and I both have Etsy stores as well and we'll add to her presentation.  I opened my shop after a box show I had to make my woodworking addiction be self supporting.  I'll share my experiences as well, I've had a number of special orders and will tell you how that process works.  The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session so bring your questions and so that you can leave the meeting knowing how to start your Etsy adventure.  Etsy is currently one of the best ways for selling your work online - you set the price, and you control how much or little presence you want to have on the site.  It's the largest market of hand crafted, one of a kind items you'll find.  If it's a complete unknown to you, take some time to check it out, I think you'll find it fascinating.
     Besides the Etsy presentation, just a reminder that dues are still being collected.  It's a voluntary $20.00 yearly cost.  We'll also do a Show & Tell session but hold it at the end of the meeting so we can keep the focus on the Etsy presentation.  After my email asking for someone to take over the responsibilities of lining up presenters for the meetings I'll be happy to introduce both of them to you before the end of our meeting.
     Same time, same location --- see you there!

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