Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Jamie Challenge --- Can You Face It?

     At our meeting last night Jamie threw down the gauntlet and challenged all 30+ of us in attendance to a woodworker's challenge.  We have until our Christmas meeting to rise to it and here's what it is.  What can you make from a standard 2" x 4" x 8' piece of lumber from your choice of big box store.  

You'll notice they flank her smirking face as they collaborate with her to drive us all nuts!

     The rules are simple,  use as much of the board as you want but you cannot add anything to it like biscuits or dowels.  Anything you can create with this single stick of wood is fair game.  The only add ons are paint and hardware.  Based on your past I can already see some cars or trucks, boxes, carvings, magic thingies, airplanes, etc. …… but the question is:

What will you do, 

              what will you do?

                          Sounds like fun!

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