Monday, May 13, 2013

Time Flies --- Meeting this Wednesday!

     Seems like it's been less than a month since we last met but here we are, 3rd. Wednesday of May and ready for our next meeting!  It's bound to be a bit warmer in Jamie's shop this month than last.  My unconditioned shop hit 90+ degrees before noon today which curtails glueing up anything else.
     We'll have our usual round robin introductions and then a show and tell session to share anything new in our woodworking lives with the group.  If you were at the last meeting you'll recall our Etsy discussion led by my wife Diane.  One of the points she had was that being able to take good photographs of your work is key -- after all, that's the only thing a potential buyer has to go on before hitting that Add to Cart button that brings some cash to our wallets!  Our member, Rich Daugherty, is a man of many talents.  I never knew he was into photography along with all of his other interests but he's been doing fine art landscapes for many years and will share his expertise with us.
     There are many aspects of taking good pictures including composition, background, and proper lighting.  Although it sounds like a huge expense Rich will talk about ways to properly light your work for less than $50.00.  Important too is to understand what the camera sees vs. what our eyeballs see (especially true for those of us half a century plus!) to make sure our photo's have the best quality.
     So, whether you want to photograph your work to share on Facebook, create a portfolio to show potential clients, or put it on-line to sell  you won't want to miss this meeting.  As always, the meeting will start at 7 pm and you may want to bring your own seating.

Hope to see you there -- John

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