Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Meeting & Special Announcement!

No, this is not an advertisement that you get spammed to your inboxes all of the time
This is a very special announcement aimed at those of you on my mailing list that are unable to make the monthly meetings due to your work schedules or other obligations.

I'm going out on a limb and assume that all of you know about Lie-Nielsen tools and maybe have heard about their ToolEvents.  Here is a LINK to one that will be held this Friday and Saturday (Oct. 17 & 18) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm right here at Jamie's shop.  This is a huge deal and I know that Jamie has been working overtime to prepare for it.  You'll have the opportunity to actually use Lie-Nielsen's tools, get advice from their experts, and make a purchase or two if you're so inclined!  There will also be other independent tool makers of fine woodworking hand tools.  Lie-Nielsen is based out of Maine and promote these tool events through out the country so it's quite an honor for Jamie to host one of them here in Las Vegas.  There is no admission charge so come out, bring your woodworking friends, and see what there will be to offer.  The address of WooditIs is:  2267 W. Gowan  Suite 106/107,  North Las Vegas   89032.

Now, back to our regulary scheduled announcement!

Our featured presenter this week will be Zac Higgins.  As always, the meeting will start at 7:00 pm, the public is invited, and bring your chair since seating is limited.  Zac was a member of the club but several years ago moved to northern Nevada where he makes his living doing woodworking.  He specializes in casting resins to make turning blanks for pens.  Here's a LINK to his website to give you a preview of what you may expect at tomorrow nights meeting.  As you can see, Zac has branched out into other areas of woodwork besides making pens.  

Casting resins to make inlays in all types of work is an interesting process and he will share this skill with us.  He plans to finish his presentation by showing how to use Alumilite and casting resin into turning blanks that can make a variety of items.

Hope to see you there, and one last reminder ---- mark your calendar for the tool event at WoodItIs this weekend!

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