Monday, October 20, 2014

October Meeting Update: Ah Yes --- Those Senior Moments !!

I left out one of the most important features of last Wednesday nights meeting, the video that Lupe took while Zac was going through his demonstration!  As I was writing it I struggled to put everything he taught us into words and completely forgot to add the link Lupe sent for the video.  CRS is a wonderful excuse, Lupe sent the link on Friday and I wrote the blog on Sunday so that's ample time to lose it in my brain.

My apologies, here is the link to her video:

If you're a subscriber to YouTube you can put Sin City Woodworkers into the search box and have access to all of the video's that she has made during our meetings.  For those of us with CRS it's an excellent way to refresh our memories as to what went on at the meetings!

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