Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Don't Forget --- Next Meeting 2 Weeks

And Now Some Homework!!

Our next meeting we will feature a different type of format.  In almost everything we do there is some type of hardware we need.  Some is easy to find but most of it isn't available locally or readily.  Jamie's plan is for us to extend the round robin introductions to a full, round robin discussion.  Think of the "stuff" you use -- locks, specialty screws or fasteners, hinges, closing mechanism, etc.  These are things many of us use as well so if you would bring in an example if possible and tell us your source for it that would be great.  If you have the time, maybe you can make a handout slip of paper citing the part and source.  Also, local sources of these types of items beyond Ace Hardware, Lowe's, Sear's, or Home Depot.  Try to keep that in mind as you go through the month and bring it next month to share with the group.

Just to remind us the WE ALL ARE the featured presenter for the May meeting.  I've copied the last paragraph of our April blog that explains it all above. Unlike other metropolitan areas (SF Bay, LA, New York, Chicago, etc.)  if it's not in Las Vegas we can't go to the next little town to find what we need.  
John Says: "Please"
Share your sources, bring in an example if possible, and most of all if you write it down on a card or slip of paper I'll be able to put it in the blog for all to have.  Two weeks from now -- jeez, I feel like I'm back in the classroom!

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