Monday, May 25, 2015

Hardware Suppliers from our Members

First off, I'd like to thank those of you that brought information about local and internet sources for the group.  Those members were:

  • Lupe Nielsen
  • Jamie Yocono
  • Rich Dougherty
  • Ken Martin
  • Ron Seipel
  • Jerald Welsh
  • John Eugster
I hope I didn't forget someone, if I did my apologies in advance and let me know so I can add you to this listing.  I've been trying to figure out the best way to organize this so it'll be a help as we pursue our passion with woodworking.  I've decided to make it a separate blog so that, if you'd like; you can bookmark it somewhere in your computer and have it available when needed rather than trying to search through all of the Sin City Woodworkers Blogs.  There's no particular order to the way I've listed them and check out addresses and phone numbers before you visit -- I guess that's my disclaimer, I'll be as accurate in relaying the information from the meeting to you as I can.  Most of them are specific to hardware items but there are also sources for tools, casters, machine parts, project parts, and so on.  Some have websites you can research as well.

Local Sources

  1. Woodworkers Emporium  5461 Arville Street  702-871-0722
  2. Wurth/Lewis & Company  6125 S Valley View Blvd  800-472-7755
  3. McFadden Dale  5580 S. Decatur Blvd #114  702-251-8059
  4. Meads Hardware  4438 E. Lake Mead Blvd  702-452-1560
  5. Commercial Hardware  3725 W. Russell Rd  702-736-0007
  6. Nevada Bolt  2625 E. Craig Rd  702-649-4759
  7. Source Four (bearings & casters)  4436 N. Lawrence St  702-734-8848
  8. Nevada Packaging Solutions (packing materials for shipping)  7440 S. Dean Martin Drive  702-795-7455

Internet Sources

Again, these are not in any particular order but I will begin with the most diverse sources and list the more specialized ones at the end.  I will annotate the best I can from the notes I took during the meeting and my own experience.  Links are included if possible as well, it'll be obvious since the listing will be underlined and in blue.

  • Lee Valley Hardware   Note that this is the link for their woodworking section, they have additional sections for gardening, hardware, and gifts (Veritas tools, cabinet knobs & pulls, project supplies, finishing, etc.)
  • Rockler Hardware and Rockler Pro  I've given both sites for Rockler (hardware, tools, shop supplies, etc.) but let me clarify and you can investigate which one to use.  Rockler Pro is designed for business and schools and you need to set up an account.  As Jamie mentioned, they don't seem to check whether or not you're a legitimate business.  From my experience, the Pro side of Rockler is less expensive for most items but you cannot use any internet discounts, shipping, or special promotions on that site.  Woodworkers Emporium is a Rockler distributor with a pretty limited inventory.  You can call them (702-871-0722) with the part number from the Rockler catalog to see if they may have it in stock.
  • Woodworkers Supply  Sometimes called Woodworkers Supply of New Mexico or Wyoming but same outfit (tools, hardware, supplies, etc.)
  • Woodcraft  (tools, hardware, project supplies, shop supplies, etc.)
  • Constantine's  This is a company that has been around for a long time  (inlays, hardware, finishing supplies, caning, hand tools, resins, etc.)
  • Small Box Hardware  Located in Canada but no problems with shipping (latches, clasps, hinges, etc. available in finishes such as brass, black, nickel, and antique  they specialize in binder parts too)
  • House of Antique Hardware  and VanDykes Restorers  (mostly large scale hardware for the house but also cabinet knobs, hinges, refrigerator hardware and nameplates, etc.)
  •   (antique hardware, clavos, radio parts, bathroom fixtures, caning, etc.)
  • Cherry Tree Toys  (toy parts, wheels, axles, plans, figures, hinges, etc.  Plus many other wood related items)
  • Klockit  (clock movements, faces, hands, plans, plus weather station instruments and more)
  • Horton Brasses  (Arguably the finest quality brass hinges and hardware you can find -- and the prices reflect that!)
  • Meisel Hardware  (hardware, project parts and plans, toys and birdhouse plans)
  • McMaster-Carr  A huge (1320 page) source of virtually everything -- including the kitchen sink! (over-night shipping standard from California, check out website to see catalog)
  • Micro-Mark  (small tool specialists and hardware)
  • PaperMart   (if you do any shipping, good source for boxes and packing materials)

     If you've searched the web you know that we've only "scratched the surface" with the above listings.  These were ones that our members shared and have used in the past.  Someone gave me a paper from Woodworkers Journal that listed many other specialized hardware and project parts resources.  Unfortunately,  I was unable to open it but it; probably because you need a subscription to access that info.  That reminded me though; most of the magazines will list suppliers and resources in their print and on-line subscriptions.  
     Last but certainly not least, how do we work with all of these hardware items?  Jamie brought out this particular book from Taunton press.  I use this and I'm willing to be that many of you do too.  I checked and it is available from Taunton Press as a PDF instant download for $13.99.   It may be my personal bias but I much prefer having a hard cover that I can take out to the shop rather than having to search through a PDF file then print it out.  I checked on Ebay as well and currently there are two hardcover books listed (one at $8.00, the other at $20.00).


  1. PREPARE things for future use, DOWNLOAD your own collections of woodworking plans for every projects: Click Here To Download

  2. PREPARE things for future use, DOWNLOAD your own collections of woodworking plans for every projects: Click Here To Download