Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello and a Challenge

  I've been recruited to help Jamie out by taking over the blog.  Something I'm glad to do since she's done all of the organizing and writing for one year now.  Here's an altered picture of what I look like as a  60's era poster art.  Here's the challenge -- find me and tell me you saw this on our Sin City Woodworkers Blog.  I'm going to challenge all of the members further by encouraging them to use the blog and communicate with each other at times other than the meeting.
   If you've ever talked to me you probably realize that I'm among those computer challenged and resistant, ever since the school district decided to shut down my woodshop and put in a computer oriented, so-called, Technology Lab ---- YUCK!
  See you at the next  meeting, Wednesday, the 17th. Make it your goal to encourage at least one other person to start using this blog.

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