Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let me get the ball rolling!

    Well, at the last meeting I asked if as many of you as possible would sign up on our blog site and also that you would send me some pictures of a recent project you had completed.
  I'm still waiting ...........!
   Let's see if I can get the ball rolling by showing my latest project.  Recognize what it is?  It's a pizza peel that I made for my friend for his  seventieth birthday present.  There will be a party for him in a week or so and that's when I'll give it to him.  It's made of alder with accents of purple heart.  His initials are carved into the handle and then gilded.  Other than honoring him and his pizza making passion I also want to make sure I stay on his taster list because he really makes some wonderful tasting pizzas.
    By the way, I'm also waiting on input from you regarding the yearly dues and what you feel is a fair amount.  Don't forget the push stick competition at our next meeting.

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