Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rich Daugherty and Dovetails

   At last Wednesday's meeting Rich gave an excellent demonstration on cutting dovetails and the 20 or so other woodworkers at the meeting had an up close and personal look at the mystique of the dovetail. To illustrate what and how a dovetail does and looks like he brought in his Shaker Step stool he used for his practice piece.  The dovetails fit nicely and provided the strength they're known for.  There's just something about the dovetail -- it's the hallmark of fine craftsmanship so those woodworkers who enjoy using hand tools view it as a goal to shoot for.  Jamie and I are having technical difficulties transferring the pictures she took while Rich was doing his demonstration but they'll be posted as soon as we work it out.
    By the way, don't forget about the Push Stick Competition at our next meeting.  Only one member has sent me an email and given me input on what a fair, yearly dues should be.  I left my email on the slip of paper I handed out with the Meet Up information on it.

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