Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello Wood Guys and Gals,  I'm here to remind you about the challenge, every year people put off their Christmas shopping and duties and next thing you know it's:


I'm sorry to remind you but --- if you've been in any of the stores lately you know that Christmas is coming!! 

Although I personally hate how the $eason$ are being rushed to boost the merchant$ bottom line it's my duty to remind you of this:

27 Days to Go

At our Christmas meeting / years end extravaganza we will be judging your creations anonymously to see whose project will be rewarded with gift certificates from Lee Valley for their:

 Chopped Challenge Creation

Just to remind you of the requirements, your work needs to prominently incorporate the following:
  • Lumber limited to the equivalent of 1" x 6" x 8'  and you're allowed to use more than one species
  • Something of brass (fasteners, plates, etc.)
  • Some type of rod or dowel material
  • Something other than wood
If you need another entry form email me at

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